Saturday 18 July 2015

Music and Me

I have always loved music. From as early as I can remember I have enjoyed listening and performing, and my parents encouraged me! In the late sixties I was singing with Jimmy Cliff as he toured Britain, and was lucky enough to get my first single released - a little ditty called 'Eeny Meenie' -which was the start of a whirlwind career in music.

My songs, however, have been unavailable now for so long, Some of them can be heard in fairly poor quality on YouTube, and there is a second hand market for the two LPs and many single releases ... but I always wanted to see some of my favourite songs collected together.

Well now they have been, and the result is a CD called The Best of Ayshea which is now available exclusively from me! If you look up on this page, you'll see a little tab called AYSHEA'S STORE. If you click that, then you'll find my store, wherein you can buy signed and dedicated copies of the CD, and a photograph from UFO!

I chose the songs on the CD because they are some of the favourites that I have recorded over the years. There are Country ballads, pop songs, even a song written by Roy Wood which sounds like I am singing with his band, Wizzard! As a bonus, I decided to include a track which I sung on my pop show, Lift Off With Ayshea, in 1974. This has never been released before, so I hope you like it.

If you love music as much as I do, then I hope you will have a look.


Ayshea xox