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The following items are available to buy direct from Ayshea. Payment is via PayPal only. Please allow 28 days for delivery of any items ordered and do not query non-delivery before this period. Items will usually be dispatched in a shorter time than this, but sometimes Ayshea might be working or otherwise unavailable, and unable to attend to orders as quickly as she would like.

Please email any questions about orders to ayshea@ayshea.me.uk.

Please note that Ayshea reserves the right to amend any dedication requests.



Ayshea has dug deep into her photographic albums and scrapbooks and come up with a bookful of images chronicling her life. From her early days as a photographic model and singer with Jimmy Cliff, through her establishing Lift Off as ITV's popular music show, rivalling Top of the Pops, and her regular appearances on Gerry Anderson's science fiction drama UFO, to her appearances in the films Gotcha and Demolition Man, no stone is unturned. Marriages, family, friends and celebrities are all included.

This is an 11" x 8.5" sized paperback book, 79 pages, over 140 photographs, printed colour and black and white.

The book will be personally signed by Ayshea, and dedicated if you specify.

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Ayshea has available a limited number of UFO-related items for sale. Please note that these will be sold on a first come basis. She is happy to sign them, and dedicate them too if you specify.


Released by Network in 2018, this box set sold out very quickly indeed. Contains all UFO episodes, plus a book by Andrew Pixley.

Ayshea has just FOUR of these available. Please note that this is a UK Region Box Set, and available to UK-based buyers only.

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Over her long singing career, Ayshea recorded a great many songs. Now thirteen of her favourite tracks have been collected together onto a new CD.

The CD will arrive signed, and if requested, dedicated.

CD Tracks:

1. Another Without You Day (R Cook, R Greenaway, M Doctors, S Jameson) 1974
2. Day Dreamer (Terry Dempsey) 1974
3. Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow (J Vincent Edwards) 1975
4. Farewell (Roy Wood) 1973
5. Flowers Are Mine (Rick Jones) 1970
6. Our Last Song Together (Neil Sedaka) 1974
7. Rose Garden (Joe South) 1974
8. Take Me Home Country Roads (John Denver) 1974
9. Teardrops (A Allan) 1978 as Charlotte Millar
10. The Best Years Of My Life (Single) (Ayshea) 1973
11. The Flowers Will Never Die (Elton John, Bernie Taupin) 1976
12. Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man (J Cunningham) 1978 as Charlotte Millar
BONUS. Love Song (Lesley Duncan) 1974

Please note that these recordings are not from archival sources and so the quality varies.

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To get a copy of this photograph, personally signed and dedicated if requested by Ayshea. Please specify UFO in the Dedication Field below along with any specific dedication information:

To get a copy of this photograph, personally signed and dedicated if requested by Ayshea. Please specify HEADSHOT in the Dedication Field below along with any specific dedication information:

Any photographic orders which do not specify which image will be sent the UFO picture.

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