Looking online, there is a lot of confusion over my records ... so here is what I believe to be a definitive list of what was released.

If anyone has any other information, then I'd love to hear from you. Please email me at:

LP Releases

Ayshea (1970) Polydor 2384 026
Front cover for the Ayshea LP from 1970

Lift Off With Ayshea (1974) DJM Records DJLPS 445
Front cover for the Lift Off With Ayshea LP from 1974

The Best Of Ayshea (2015) CD release

Single Releases

As Ayshea
Eeny Meeny / Keep My Love (1965) Fontana Records TF 627
Celebration Of The Year / Only Love Can Save Me Now (1968) Polydor BM 56276
Another Night / Taking The Sun From My Eyes (1969) Polydor BM 56302
Mister White’s White Flying Machine / Ship Of The Line (1970) Polydor 2001-029
An Old Fashioned Love Song / The Family of Man (1972) MAM MAM 59
Farewell / The Best Years Of My Life (1973) Harvest HAR 5073
Another Without You Day / Moonbeam (1974) DJM Records DJS 339
Denver / Blackbird (19??) 
Don’t Wait Till Tomorrow / Moonbeam (1975) DJM Records DJS 612
The Flowers Will Never Die / The Best Years Of My Life (1976) DJM Records ** DJS 631
Golden Oldie / Keep Me From Blowing Away (1977) DJM Records DJS 10818
Advertising postcard for the Album and single.

As Ayshea Brough
Who’s Gonna Rescue Jesus? / Flowers are Mine (1970) Polydor 2058-074
Master Jack / Both Sides Now (1971) RCA Victor ** RCA 2105

As Charlotte Millar @
Teardrops / Wrap Your Love All Around Your Man (1978) Explosion TNT 119

** Unreleased commercially and only available as Promotional copies.

@ When I went out to South Africa to tour and perform, my record label there decided to release a single, but for reasons best known to them, and which I inexplicably went along with, they decided that I should be known as 'Charlotte Millar' ... and thus was the single credited.

The details on this page have come from the records in my own collection, as well as information from the following sites: